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Enjoying a cup of tea


Why don't you take a long time to taste the tea thoroughly in order to make it delicious?


深蒸し菊川茶is characterized by "deep green" and "mellow taste with reduced astringency". By brewing at a slightly slimy temperature, it becomes a beautiful green color. Please enjoy the deliciously brewed and deep-steamed Kikukawa tea.

Watered Sencha

How to store tea

To prevent moisture, use a highly airtight container, place the container in a cool place, and keep it away from fire and heating as much as possible. When purchasing a large amount of tea, it is important to put it in a can.

When using it, the trick is to use a can to make it small. It is also a good way to put moisture absorbents.
When using the refrigerator, put it in a tea can or the like and seal it with vinyl tape. Be careful not to smell other ingredients.

Let's save well and have it delicious until the end.

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