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The Cha-1 Grand Prix was held for 3rd to 6th graders in Shizuoka Prefecture.

On Saturday, March 6, elementary school students in Shizuoka Prefecture will drink and compare tea.

Tea Ceremony
"Cha-1 (Chawan) Grand Prix"But

It was held online for the first time.

23 people from 3 to 6 years quizzed about tea and

We competed in three kinds of competitions, such as tea seeding by appearance.

Ms. Suzuki, who participated from Kikukawa City, won the top prize.

Even in Kikukawa City, every year"T-1 Grand Prix"has been done, but

Last year, due to the coronavirus, unfortunately it was canceled,

I want to hold it this year! ! I think.

深蒸し菊川茶Image character
"Chako-chan" ©小山ゆう


TEL 0537-35-0954
FAX 0537-35-2114