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It is a product using the tea of patisserie Anbury, a western confectionery shop in Kikukawa City

A confectionery shop in Kikukawa City,Patisserie AnburyOf

It is a product using deep-steamed Kikukawa tea, introduced before

Kikukawa Deep Steamed Japanese KaronHas been released in stores.

新しくKikukawa Hojicha Wacaronalso joined the(^^)/

The intensity of the tea①~⑤Five kinds of hojicha⑥~⑦You can choose from two types of!

Please try to find the thickness of your favorite tea! !(*^^*)

深蒸し菊川茶Image character
"Chako-chan" ©小山ゆう


TEL 0537-35-0954
FAX 0537-35-2114